Fidelity Independent Adviser

With the advent of the internet and social media, you now have access to more investment-related information than ever before. The quality of this daily stream of content can vary greatly, however, leaving even the most patient and prudent individual confused and conflicted. The Fidelity Independent Adviser is designed to help investors cut through the noise and lay out a clearer path to profits.

Since 1996, the Fidelity Independent Adviser has been helping investors of all experience levels gain the knowledge necessary to learn and participate in the fast-paced and globally-interconnected financial markets. You have worked hard for your money and you deserve to keep it.

Relying on in-depth research and analysis, the Fidelity Independent Adviser takes the emotion out of investing, helping you prepare your portfolio for any bumps along the road.

From our conservative retirement income portfolio to our aggressive growth model, our portfolios deliver investment returns that are specially designed to balance risk and reward at each level.


Model Portfolios Include:

  • Fidelity Select Portfolio
  • Fidelity Growth Portfolio
  • Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio
  • Fidelity International Portfolio
  • Fidelity Retirement Income Portfolio
  • NTF Sector Portfolio
  • NTF Growth Portfolio
  • NTF Growth & Income Portfolio
  • NTF Tax Efficient Portfolio
  • NTF Oversold Value Portfolio
  • NTF Bear Market Portfolio
  • VIP Growth Portfolio
  • VIP Growth & Income Portfolio
  • Vanguard 401(k) Portfolio
  • TIAA-CREF 403(b) Retirement Annuity Portfolio
  • TIAA-CREF 403(b) Mutual Fund Portfolio
  • American 401(k) Portfolio
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In addition to managing these model portfolios, the Fidelity Independent Adviser tracks, ranks, and provides buy and sell recommendations for more than over 500 Fidelity mutual funds and NTF mutual funds available through Fidelity’s network

Having the right information is critical to the success of any active investing strategy and that’s what the Fidelity Independent Adviser has been providing subscribers for more than 15 years. We invite you to join the thousands who have already benefitted from our services.


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